(1st Platoon)

(Pictures are from July 1968 - July 1969)



#8 - We used to call "Country" - RTO for Platoon and I think later Company RTO
#11 Charles Mants, Country ,Garald Dufresne(M60) Assistant Gunner? Eagle Beach, Getting ready to go back to war.
#12 John Gutierrez
#14 Me again - I think this was China Beach? Eagle Beach for short R & R at Navy Seabee Base?
#15 John Gutierrez
#16 SFC James Kyzer and Richard Avalos
#17 On the left I believe is a Lucero (don't know first name). I can't remember the name of the other guy. I believe this was my going away party inside Barber Shop at Camp Sally.
#18 Again Lucero
#19 The other Lucero (I believe we had 2 in the Company - not related). This guy was so outstanding the first few weeks after he arrived that he got sent to the rear (Camp Sally) to become the Battalion Barber.
#20 ? I know him but I can't name.
#23 I believe the guy taking the picture was SFC Kyzer?
#24 The other Lucero before he got sent to the rear.
#26 A friendly that humped with us for what reason I never knew and myself.
#27 I believe the guy standing is Henry Kapheim (Doc) - the others ?
#28 Jaun Perez and Garald Dufresne
#29 ? I believe he was from Hawaii