(Battalion S-3 - HHQ)

(Pictures are from 1968-1969)

LTC Tony Heiter was the Battalion Commander for the 2/501 during the battle of Phuoc Yen.

Predecessor to LTC Tony Heiter, Batallion Commander LTC Richard Tallman

Another of LTC Heiter RTO's, Harry Flinner and I were as close as brothers.

Firebase T-Bone

LZ Pinkey

Prior To Viet Nam, our 2/501 Battalion was called to go to Detroit to stop the Riots. From Left to Right in front: R. Betts, J. Cudd, S. Brown, J. Henry, Smith, D. Williams, Miles, Pyclik. Soldier with his back to the camera on the left is D. Crissell.

Unknown troopers from 2nd Brigade. Help us identify these guys if you can. Photo supplied by John Cudd.

John Cudd

Firebase Tomahawk

Ron Betts and Greg Whitlock (both from Wood River, IL.) - Bien Hoa.