(Pictures are from April 1969-March 1970)

Firebase Airborne - The photo is a composite of 3 photos taken by Dean Seematter (C, 2/319th) in mid August 1969.

Firebase Airborne - Ashau - date of pix unknown.  The left side (not the top-left) of the hill is the 'knoll'. You can see the little gully between the knoll and the firebase. The view was taken from the northeast looking southwest.


Baker, Wiggins & Bucknor
FB Whip Apr 15, 1969

FB Whip Apr 16, 1969
Aug 17, 1969

105mm crew on Bastogne 6/26/69

3rd platoon on Bastogne 6/24/69

Birmingham 6/69

Birmingham 6/69

Panther II (aka Arrow) 7/9/69

LZ/Camp Sally 9/9/69

barber shop 2/26/70

bunker line 1/1/70


If there are repeats from those above, my apologies!



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