On the left is Danny (Rabbit) Long, in the middle is Terry Dallegge can't make out the other guy.

Slaughter ( Bob? ) on left and ( Dave? ) on right. I'm in the middle. Probably taken around Christmas 1970 in the EM club.

Contemporary notes on the picture say this was take on FB Vehgel after I had returned from a VR of the area. Have no idea who took the picture and only faint recollection of the incident. Do remember Pat pretty well.

I'm the guy in the shirt. Lt. Driver 2nd from right. Remember the guy on the right but no name. No idea who is on the left. Again no idea who took the picture but suspect it was on FB Vehgel but can't be certain.

SSG Dave Ross behind me at the EM bar. Probably around Christmas 1970. Can't recognize any of the guys at the bar.

Joe"Willy", John (Renegade) Hernandez. on the left.

Terry Channel on left and me on right.

FSB Eagle

Dave Ross in foreground, Jim Dahler next and me.

Not sure where this is ... would have been between July - Dec. 1970.