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Wednesday, November 07, 2018 9:44 PM

Good Afternoon!

I am on the search for any information I can find on my grandfather first sergeant Ralph E. Kell Sr. I have found his obituary listed as a deceased member on your page. My grandfather was an amazing role model in my life but he would never discuss his military achievements. I have seen first hand how his experiences molded his life and would love to be able to find the reasons behind his medals. Do you have any advice on finding this? I have a full list of medals he had been awarded, I spent the best of parts of the 22 out of 26 years of life I have had with this amazing man. Thank you so much!

Tue 03/20/2018 9:09 PM

My name is Jim Zwit. I served with D/2/501 and was involved in the recovery mission of SSG John V. Wentworth on April 13-16, 1971. I was WIA on 15April as we suffered 8 KIA and 13 WIA during the mission that was unable to recover your comrade. As a matter of fact, two of our KIA from that battle, Lt. Paul McKenzie and Jerry Stearns, were unable to be recovered due to the intense fire from the NVA. I do believe that all three were recovered close to a month later. I have some after action reports and would like to share them with your company. If there is anyone with knowledge of what happened on 12April71, I would appreciate if you could contact me so that I can fill in some blanks regarding that time. Perhaps we can help answer each others questions. Thanks

Jim Zwit

Tue 03/20/2018 6:12 PM
From: Burton Robertson [mailto:bgr764@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2018 6:12 PM
To: info@alphaavengers.com
Subject: Address Change

Please update my address:

Burton Robertson
764 Plantation Blvd
Gallatin TN 37066


Wed 9/20/2017

Lisa Rausch [schorrlisa@gmail.com]

My father, John Schorr, is on your "lost avengers" list at http://www.alphaavengers.com/lost-avengers.htm 
Sadly, my dad passed away 7/20/2004. I am happy to provide any information that anyone is interested in. I'm pretty sure my dad was a survivor of the horrible tragedy at Firebase Henderson, May 1970.
For many many many years, my dad refused to discuss his time in Vietnam, as it was just too painful for him to come to terms with. In the many months (maybe even a few years) before he died, he had uncovered memories that were long buried. That prompted him to start doing some research, and trying to reach out to any other survivors.  
I have long been interested in this, but never documented his recollections before he died. So I had very little information to go on. Recently someone contacted me based on a post my father and I posted on some online forum sometime prior to 2004 (that I can't even find anymore, but I'm still looking!). This has prompted me to start my search again... which landed me on your site.  
Again, I'm happy to provide any info about my dad, and I also would be interested in learning anything there is to learn about his time with the Alpha Avengers.
Kindest Regards,
Lisa (Schorr) Rausch
Sat 8/12/2017

James Kelly
69 Manor Crest Drive
Kirksville, MO 63501

Mon 6/9/2017

Scott, David [DSCOTT@ci.tacoma.wa.us]

I recall a Company Clerk who I believe served with A Company 2/501 at LZ Sally, and whose name started with ďA.Ē

He extended for 45 days in order to get an early out of the Army.

He went on a beer and pop run to Hue or Phu Bai and stepped in a mine.

Does anyone remember who this soldier is?

Thanks for reading my email.

Sat 5/27/2017
From: guyrudawski@lycos.com

Subject: 1970: Death on Firebase Tomahawk; Ken Kays, Conscientious Objectors, Medal of Honor, and PTSD/the war at home

FYI story notes:

A soldiers death on FSB Tomahawk is a personal story and has been a frequent and disturbing flashback for me. It 's likely I did not know the soldier and maybe that is why I cannot recall his name. I'm fuzzy on the date too but likely was Oct-Nov. I remember being on his right side starting the IV then panicking during the rescue breathing thinking I put the IV in backwards...with the rain plus the illumination flares casting long sharp shadows, it looked like there was a problem with the IV but it checked out. I also couldn't understand why I didn't remember us doing closed chest compression along with mouth to mouth. I am 100% sure we did not give him chest compression. The only reason I can come up with is we weren't yet trained in chest compression. Mouth to mouth was endorsed by the Military in the late 1950's but closed chest compression was only being used primarily by physicians in the late 60's and not until 1972 was there any mass education of the public in CPR. No gloves or mouth shield either for us, thank god for the rain to wash away the blood.

Geography and weather were always factors during the Vietnam War, mostly working against us. The Hai Van Pass today is a scenic tourist attraction and FSB Tomahawk along Highway 1, has reverted back to nature.

The Ken Kays story (Biography by Randy Mills 2006 "Troubled Hero") may be the embodiment of some of the most defining elements of the Vietnam era. His story represents the extremes and ironies of the Vietnam War's impact on individuals as well as communities which offered little or no support for returning Vets. Not until May 2007 was there any monument in Fairfield, IL, to recognize Ken Kay's sacrifice and his Medal of Honor. Although he didn't die in Vietnam, his decision to commit suicide years later was undoubtedly rooted in that experience. "The war was over, that's what they said; but not for the warrior and the walking dead."

From: armandtetu@aol.com
Sent: 30 Jan 2017

I served with the 2nd of the 101st April & May 1968.

Armand Joseph Tetu Jr.

Wounded 5/13/68 and 5/20/68 (sent home from Japan)

From: Frank Edmiston [wfedmiston@gmail.com]

Dear sir,

I bought a used book from Capital Hill Books in Washington, DC several years ago. Today I realized there was a polaroid photo in it with the description "FSB Granite July 70" on the back. The photo shows 12 men in the field and their names, mostly nicknames, are listed on the back. Any idea how I can return this photo to one of the men in the photo or what I should do with it?

Best regards,

Frank Edmiston

From: Ron Karpinski

Please pass along my regards to BG (Ret) Ed Mitchell.

Ron Karpinski
CW4, US Army (Ret)
Clearwater Beach, Florida

Ronald Alan Karpinski

From: steve conto <sconto@new.rr.com>
Date: 05-07-2016 09:28 PM


The following is dedicated to Richard Timmons from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. KIA 7/16/70. Richard is buried at Calvary Cemetery, Section 5, 6th row in from the east, 7th column in from the south under a cedar tree.

There were eighteen of them
The youngest nineteen, the oldest thirty-five
Seven were officers and one an MIA
One is buried at West Point with the class Ď58
Two were chopper pilots
Four were Marines, one was Navy, one was Air Force and the rest were Army

One is buried at the Spring Grove Cemetery in Wisconsin Dells
Another is buried at the Lutheran Cemetery near Yellowstone State Park
Both places were favorite vacation spots of long ago
Some are buried together at the Calvary and Estabrooks Cemeteries
Yet others are alone or next to their families in the towns of Brownsville and Johnsburg

They had broad grins and bright smiles
They were altar boys, scouts, athletes, sons and husbands
They were the best of the best
They were Fondyís Finest
They were taken at the beginning of the war and at the end of it
By force or by accident it didnít matter how
They all died too young

Gone are their lives but alive are their spirits
Now Iíve found their final resting places
All but one, known only by God
May they always stay forever young

Steve Conto
The Final Bridge

Wed 24 Feb 2016

Barth,I located his info David Meier Pine river, Wisc.married to Barbara ph 920-987-5359 email harleyriderz09@yahoo.com  He plans on attending his 1st reunion joined Alpha on FB Granite'70

Mon 22 Feb 2016

All, please note the following from our President....

Sarah, Thank you. I will frwd this to our webmaster Barth Cunico & have him post on our website Alpha avengers association of Viet Nam. Our Assoc.had our 1st reunion in 1990 where we invite all who served in our Company (A Co, 2nd Bn. 501st regiment 101st Airborne Div.) which served 1967 thru 1972.The Co. left Ft. Campbell at the end of 1967. the Co.landed at Cam Ranh Bay & moved to Bien Hoa just N.of Saigon. after just a few weeks of incountry training ( where they received there 1st casualties by friendly fire) the 2nd brigade moved to I Corps near the Imperial City of Hue where they stayed until leaving VN in 1972.The 2nd Brigade had there basecamp at LZ Sally just NW of Hue. The Bn was a swing Bn & was deployed to whichever Brigade needed help. Our reunions are held every 2 years in different cities where our many priority is to honor one of our fallen brothers by presenting a Some Gave all Award to the surviving family,this year we will be presenting the award to Allecia Dellarippa the sister of Edward Bishop,Jr.who was lost on FB Granite in 1970. Edward was an adopted son of the Bishop's. In '79 the teams searching for lost soldiers at the battle sites could not identify his remains due to lack of DNA evidence.He is Alpha's only MIA. we will be having our reunion in New Orleans May 12th thru the 15th. we will be at the NO Arprt, Hilton Hotel where. we will have a Banquet Sat. Night to honor Edward. Attending the reunion will be Brig. G'nl. Jim Mitchell who was Co. commander in 1970 & was near the position where Edward was manning.The G'nl was well liker & respected by the men who served under him. The G'nl. still carries a 3 by 5 card with all the men killed under his command with Edward's name at the top of the list. I will have the G'nl. make the award presentation.His story would be a great one for your group as he is a well polished speaker. If you or any of your staff would like to attend I will personally cover your hotel room & dinner at the banquet. Just let me know by April 15th as the hotel has a special room rate they will only offer us by this date.I truly appreciate what your org.is doing. Books I can recommend are Hamburger Hill by Samuel Zaffiri ISBN: 0-89141-289-1; Ripcord Screaming Eagles Under Siege,Vietnam 1970 Keith W. Nolan IS
BN: 0-89141-642-0; Hell On A Hilltop America's Last Major battle In Vietnam Maj. G'nl. Benjamin L. Harrison ISBN: 0-595-32730-3 These 3 books are non-fiction and focus on the battles in the Ashau Valley and are very well written but very graphic, Another book which is an indepth look at a Medal of Honor winner who served with D Co. 2/501st as a Sgt. when he earned the award & then as a Lt. with Alpha Co. 2/501st in 1970 where he earned a Silver Star. A 4th book I will recommend is The Ghosts of Thau Thien ISBN: 978-0-7864-3324-7 by John A. Nesser This book is written by a man who served in my Platoon after the Battle of Hamburger Hill when I was the Plt. Sgt. It is not as accurate as John wrote this from memory & on returning home he burnt all his letters; his wife had saved, in a fit of depression. I enjoyed it as it brought back a lot of memories both good & bad. The last book I can recommend is Transition To Duty by Leo Flory ISBN: 978-1-886167-33-9 Leo was a combat medic serving in B Co.2/501st in '68/'69. Again,this book has special meaning to me as Leo started writing this book after finding a message from Jennifer Gaines on a website www.b2501airborne.com. She was trying to find information about her Uncle Robert Malecki who was killed on FB Airborne May 13th,'69.He started corresponding to her & showed the emailes to his wife who convinced him to start writing his book. He did not know Robert but his Co.was in the field & saw the battle on Airborne & relieved us the morning after the battle as we were sent to reinforce the 3/187 which was on Hamburger Hill. Robert was my best friend as he & I joined A Co. together & they gave him the Radio & me the M79. Robert was 1st Plt,RTO. This book is well written from a medics viewpoint. I could share more books with you but these all have A Co. mentioned in them & have personal meaning to me. Let me know if you are interested in attending our reunion.
I forgot to mention our guest speaker is CWO Ryan Nieburh who is on active duty with the 101st in S.korea & is the Brigade historian for the Div. he is working on a project of putting a History of the Brigade from WWII to the present plus a book of Valor listing the men in the Brigade who have recv'd. Medals of Valor & the Purple Heart.
Thank You, Ken Counts
President Alpha Avengers Assoc.of VN
On Fri, 2/19/16, Barksdale, Sarah A CIV (US) <sarah.a.barksdale.civ@mail.mil> wrote:

Subject: Vietnam War Commemoration
To: "kencounts@bellsouth.net" <kencounts@bellsouth.net>
Date: Friday, February 19, 2016, 3:06 PM

Dear Mr. Counts,

Thank you so much for your call and willingness to share your story with us. I have your contact information recorded on our prospective interview list, and I hope that you will pass our information on to your organization. If you give me some additional information about them, I can even draft a letter to your organization to explain what we are doing with our oral history project, maybe encourage more veterans to participate.

I'm attaching some basic information about the Commemoration to give you an idea of who we are and our objectives. If you have any interest, I can also send you some information about your organization becoming a commemorative partner.
It's a free process and what it allows us to do is provide you with free material, like our lapel pin to honor Vietnam War veterans, to distribute to your members. And please keep me posted on any books you recommend. Thanks very much, and I look forward to speaking with you again soon.


Sarah A. Barksdale, PhD
Historian, History & Legacy Branch
Vietnam War Commemoration
Sat 30 Jan 2016

Paul Arrowood

The blond guy in the picture , is Paul D Arrowood was in 3rd platoon 3r squad , I was also known as (sugarfoot) Was also 3rd platoon R.T.O , I went back to 3 squad right before , the firebase Airborne fight. GOD bless any surviving Brothers today.
Fri 1/29/2016

Bob Clark
5619 34th St. N.
Arlington, VA 22207
2nd message:

Thank you Barth for your quick response.

Although I was in the army from 1967 through 1969 (11Bravo), I only wish I was with the 101st,
almost all of my tour was at Ft. Benning. What luck!

I logged on your web page to fry to find info on one William Chestnut, E-6.

Chestnut was my bunk mate at the NCOC (the instant 'SHAKE 'N BAKE' Sergeant Academy).
My info is that Chestnut was with the 101st in the A Shau Valley and at Hamburger Hill. I
only know he was in charge of 1st Platoon, but I have no other info as to what company etc...

If there is a way you can verify any info on Chestnut, I would appreciate it. Also, if you have
some suggestions for me, I would be grateful. Thank you very much.

Bob Clark
Tues 10/6/2015

While enjoying the Alpha Avengers website I discovered my name is not included ?

Robert B. Read served with Co. A 2/501 from about February or March through August 1971.

My address at that time was Chula Vista, California.


Bob Read

Sat 9/5/2015 2:32 PM

Guy Rudawski - Holt MI
Don Wood - Spring TX 5/70 to 4/71

From: clyde Sisler [mailto:cjsisler@msn.com]
Saturday, September 05, 2015 2:06 PM

Extra information: I am Clyde Sisler ( Clyde Joseph Sisler) I go by Joe. I current address: 1002 Winter Ridge Dr.; Sidney, Ohio 45365.


I am Jim O'Connell, aka ATOM 90 when I was S3, 2-501 in '69-'70 on Bastogne, Granite and Henderson.

Can you provide me the email address of BG Mitchell when you get a chance or ask him to contact me via email.



Marc Forrest [marcedwinforrest@gmail.com]


thank you for this site. i see among the photos many friends from my time in the army.
please add my info to the list of current avengers.

Marc Forrest - US E4
229 Gibson Street
Talent, OR. 97540
cell (541) 520-5564

From: Hubbs, Trevyn J 1LT USARMY (US) [mailto:trevyn.j.hubbs.mil@mail.mil]
Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2015 5:17 PM
Subject: 2-501 PIR Battalion Ball, 12 Dec 2015, Pinehurst Resort, Pinehurst NC

Our battalion is planning on holding a ball later this year, 12 Dec, in Pinehurst, NC. An important part of the event is always honoring our unit heritage, so we would like to extend an invitation to any members of the association who would like to join us for a night of good fun, stories, and remembering our past.

We are in the very initial phases of planning, and also would like the help of a sponsor organization to help make this happen. Because we are an active military unit, we cannot directly raise funds or ask for donations, though our legal department advises us that unit associations can often help in this domain. If you would like to support our unit, soldiers, and help us celebrate our storied heritage together, please contact me at 740-513-7376 or Trevyn.j.hubbs.mil@mail.mil and we can discuss support, invitations and attendance, or any other details. Thank you for your consideration,


1LT Trevyn Hubbs
Training Officer, 2-501 PIR

From: Eugene J Halus [genehalus@icloud.com]
Subject: Eugene Halus

Good morning, I am the son of Alpha Avenger Eugene Halus. I wanted to make you aware that he now resides in Florida. His exact location is not entirely known to me as he recently moved. He continues to have problems with the combat wounds he sustained in Vietnam, and does not really have a relationship with his children. I am his oldest son from his first marriage. Should you have any further questions I can be reached at 215-429-5788 or 334 Fell Lane, Schwenksville, PA 19473.
Dr. Eugene J. Halus, Jr.

Sent: Saturday, June 20, 2015 7:25 PM
From: Rande [mailto:randeba@gmail.com]
Subject: Sgt. Barry L. Rooks

Barry Rooks was my uncle; about seven years older than me. I have several letters that he wrote to my mother, and I know that he was at Fire Base Kozie November12,1971. On Oct. 21,1971 he was overlooking the Gulf Of Tonkin. He didn't date the letter that he talked about Phu Bia, but I surmise around this same time. Anything I can learn about my uncle who I knew and loved would be much appreciated. He showed his address as: 2/501 Inf. Co.A 101st Airborne Div. (Airborne) APO San Francisco 96383 Thank you for your service,
Rande M. Basye
P.S. I was stationed at Fort Richardson, Ak. '81 - '84. One tour - no action - ETS'd as an E-4.

Sent: 27 May 2015
Dave Meier [mailto:harleyriderz09@yahoo.com]
Subject: Finally checking in

My name is David Meier I was with you guys in 1970 on Firebase Granite and Henderson. I was wounded on Henderson I was one of the FNG. I was sent to Japan and then Great Lakes Hospital. I have just started going to the VA. They have taken good care of me. I have been not right for many years. They have treated me for PTSD and it has really made me the new Dave. Found your site and have joined. Hope to come to the reunion in Louisiana. I still think of all the guys even though I may have not know them every May 6 1970 I was one of the lucky ones. My time was short in Nam but it seemed like a life time of terrible things I remember. Thanks for listening to me. I was a SGT E 5. God Bless us all.

Sent: 11 Mar 2015
From: Michael Lachance [mlachance@baltimorecountymd.gov]

The attached is a photo taken in 1971 at the upper pad on FSB Arsenal. I was with the 1/502 when this was taken. We were waiting to head to the bush after our rest on the FSB I have some pics of FSB Tomahawk but it looks like you have plenty of them.


Michael Lachance
Special Projects Coordinator
Baltimore County Dept. of Aging
611 Central Ave, Towson, MD 21204

Sent: 9 Mar 2015
From: raymond pridgen [raypridgen@hotmail.com]

I am looking for any information on a Sgt David William Or Bill Terrence, he was suposibly attached to this group and received shrapnal damage to his left knee in Warzone C. any help would be appreciated.

Ray Pridgen E 366th Sig Battalon

Sent: 21 Feb 2015
From: Gary Gagleard [rgagleard@hotmail.com]


Im Gary Gagleard and my name is on the lost avengers list as living in East Point Michigan. I Now live in Lenox Twp. Michigan. My address is

28165 29 Mile Rd.
Lenox Twp. Michigan 48050

Sent: 16 Jan 2015
From: Mel Cooper [ashau1969@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Firebase Airborne

Hello, I'm Mel Cooper and a Vietnam War historian. I came across your site and enjoyed it very much. I have traveled to Vietnam twice now and am going again in late March of 2016. I will spend 37 days this time taking in Laos( Ho Chi Minh Trail,Sam Nuea, and Long Tien)then onto Vietnam. In 1996 we spent 3 days in the Ashau Valley and retraced the Battle of Dong Ap Bia(Hamburger Hill). This time I plan on going up to Firebase Airborne. I would greatly appreciate any information or assistance you might be able to give. One of the things I'm looking for is a good diagram of how the Firebase was laid out. I would greatly appreciate your assistance. I have attached a black and white photo of Firebase Airborne that I received while doing an interview with General Honeycutt a few years back. I'm not sure were he got the photo. Once again Thank You for your time and for your service to our great nation. God bless you and God bless America.

Mel Cooper
E-mail: ashau1969@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 217-370-8943

Sent: 16 Dec 2014
From: Larry Hildebrand [Larry.Hildebrand@spartan.edu
Subject: Ripcord July 1970

I am so glad that I stumbled across your web site. I was with (Hard Luck Alpha) Co. A 2/501 from July 1970 thru April 1971. Ripcord area was my cherry popper. I was dropped off by a supply chopper into the jungle near hill 805. The situation there was very confused and busy. The captain handed me over to Specialist Timmons and told him to help get me settled in. I was A Sgt. E5 but Timmons told me what to do and I did. There was sporadic mortar and small arms fire all around. By the time we were extracted, a few days later, I had been peppered with mortar shrapnel and Timmons was dead. One of the medics picked the shrapnel out of my arms and shoulders. (just small stuff) I donít remember the medics name because of being a FNG in all the confusion, it may have been you or another guy, I just canít remember. After seeing what was going down, and the people being severely wounded and killed I stayed in the jungle with the others that were only slightly wounded. I never got a purple heart for that incident and I am having a lot of trouble with the V A that could be easily resolved if I could receive that medal. Is there any way that you could help me with this issue? After the battle was over and we went to Eagle Island for stand-down, where I should have gotten it, but didnít. I didnít think it fair to say something then. I didnít get hurt again after I learned to keep down.

Thank you for the great website and any help you can to point me in the correct direction for forms and advice.

Sent: 14 Nov 2014
From: gary.fowler@wolseleyind.com

I have an addition to your roster, My name is Garald A DuFresne from Iron Mountain Mi. I was in the second plt. Second sqd. Sgt Frederickson and Sgt Keyser were our plt sgts and Charles Mants was my squad leader 1968&1969

Thanks for the work on your sight. I have some pictures and Iím going to be digitizing some video soon. Give me a shout when you get a chance

Garald DuFresne


Sent: 31 Oct 2014
From: gary.fowler@wolseleyind.com

I am Gary Fowler I was with Alpha Raiders from March 1970 to May 1, 1970. My last day with Alpha was the morning after Henderson. I survived the night assault only to be wounded by an incoming mortar that morning. I was a Medic with second platoon. Several weeks later when I returned to duty I was sent with Recon for about a month. I finished my tour in the field with Delta Company. I have written a lot of stuff about my experiences as a Medic. I am considering writing a e-book and have it available to be read for free. Years ago Keith Noland contacted Delta Raiders about a book he was writing called Ripcord. I was able to share with him some of what I had written about Hill 805. However only after reading his book did I realize the connection Ripcord had to all that we were doing.

Are there any books out there about Alpha Raiders, Granite or Henderson? I have read a lot of stories written by veterans but seem to find no books. I am sixty-five now and you know what happens to you memory as you get older. Thatís why I have written as much as I have, so I donít forget the 11íBs that I had the pleasure to serve. I remember pretty much everything from the perspective of a Medic not as an 11B, thatís how I write. If I do this it has to be right, I do not wish to offend any 11B by misrepresenting my bad memory.

Is it possible that I could get an email address for General James E Mitchell?

Gary Fowler
Wolseley Industrial
Frischkorn Inc
1200 Veterans Road
Columbia, South Carolina 29209
Phone 803-783-8001
Fax 803-783-1222
Sent: Wed 9/17/2014
From: hhemmings@cfl.rr.com
Subject: fsb airborne

Your website lists Arlen J Miller (kia May 13, 1969) as B co 2/319. He was actually with C Btry 2/319th. I was with C Btry through November 1968 and Arlen Served in my FDC squad. He was due to leave May 14th.

Haven Hemmings
Sp/5 101st Airborne 1967 to 1968

Sent: Wed  8/20/2014
From: JAMES W ROBERTSON [jwrowasso@sbcglobal.net]
Subject: Karl Dobroszczyk

This is to let you know that Karls wife called to let me know that he passed away fro a Heart Attack on July 24th 2014. I hope you can get his name into the Alphas list of those who have passed since coming home. I knew Karl in C 3/22 25th and in A 2/501st 101st.

Your Friend
Jim Robertson

Sent: Wed  7/31/2014
From: rgagleard@hotmail.com

Sent:Tue 3/18/2014

Please feel free to add 'League City, TX' in the RESIDENCE column to my listing.


Robert E. "Bobby" and Marieta "Mayet" B. O'Bryan
555 Cedar Fork Drive
League City, TX 77573-9051
Sent: Sat 1/25/2014
From:David Jaeger [buckseye@hotmail.com]

Gary Jaeger is my brother and we are so damn proud of him I wrote this!! Thanks guys, you are all crazy brave and I love ya for it. Gary is alive and well, any you guys got time give him a call, he is now drawing SS retirement.

Thank you with all my heart!

David M. Jaeger
7025 3rd Ave NE
Towner ND 58788

Sent:Wed 1/22/2014
From:Gary Jaeger [homerdog1194@hotmail.com]

Sorry fellers: Been out to lunch a couple years now been enjoying the company of a Beautiful Lady ...I got married 6 years ago, it was great till she passed away last year. She was from Milton, Florida.  She had a house and some land there. Now I have it went there last winter to check it out.  300/400 miles from Ft. Meyers. by Pensicola, Fla.  I  spent a couple months there working on the yard and  the Cardboard  Castle (a mobile home )  Iíll be going down in Feb. some time and stay till after the Reunion at Fort Meyers. Later My Friends



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