(Photos by 3rd Platoon... Richard Johnson, Brian Eveleth and possibly others)

Dick Takos and Lieutenant Gheringer. The blond guy was the Delta Co. Log rep and the other guy Bravo company.

Doc Stafford on FSB Brick

Wayne Smyly, Sgt. Nichol and Shackelford.

Lt. Poole on Brick

Guy Rudawski

Captain Mitchell and Rich at Eagle Beach.

Dave Schmidli, Dick Takos, Ward Pietila, Brian Eveleth, Sgt Waage and Sgt. Nichol on Brick

Brian Eveleth, Dick Takos, Dave Schmidli and some guy.

Dave - FSB Brick
Dave, Rich, Doc Stafford, Takos-FSB Brick

Ward Pietiella

Ward, Pope, Takos, Dave FSB Brick


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