(2nd Platoon)

(Pictures are all from 1970-1971)


Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach

John Turner on left, John Tillitson on right

Shell gas station

Rock Saal at Eagle Beach

The guys at Eagle Beach

Johnny Tillitson, John Turner on right

Jumpin' Jim Williams

Bear Anderson

Jimbo Sherrer with Rusty ?

Bear Anderson

Bear Anderson

Shortround" with Ronnie Smith

Frank Levitt

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach

Rock holding the Ace of Spades

Company party in PhuBai enjoying steak and chicken 

Frank Levitt and John Turner

Rock Saal

Bear Anderson with his M-60

Clark Gable, or is that Bear Anderson

Rock Saal

Stan Edwards and Dave Ackerman

Rock and Bear in front of chapel in PhuBai

Football on the beach

Rock and Ben Bush with Ace of Spades

Rock preparing for California

Youngster, Frank Levitt

(l-r) Bear, Jimbo, Frank, Rock, John Turner and others

Basketball in PhuBai

Shortround & Rock

Dave Ackerman, Stan Edwards, Shortround, Bear (from SD), & John Espinosa

Shortround & Rock

Shortround & Rock

Dino’s Dirty Dozen

Rock with Ned "Red" Kintzer at the 2006 reunion

Rock with John "Tex" Fair at the 2006 reunion