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The Coffelt Database in conjunction with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page can be used to assist in locating family members of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. On this page you will find the names of those who served under the leadership of Captain James Edwin Mitchell.

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Ed at our 2016 Reunion in New Orleans
Background from the General

I joined the 2-501 in Oct 69 as a platoon leader in C Company. After just a few weeks and one contact west of FSB Bastogne along the Song Bo River ( a few licks north of abandoned FSB Veghel) I was pulled out to take command of E Company as a 1LT. In Jan 70 I moved to become the Battalion S2, was promoted to captain 2 Feb, and I took command of A Company 20 Feb 70 when the previous commander was relieved out near Veghel. I gave up command when I was evaced off of FSB Brick in June of 70. They were my brothers-in-arms and I loved them dearly.

Sadly, I'm certain that a few names may be missing from the Granite and Henderson fights for some may have "died of wounds" and thus almost impossible to document their participation in either of these fights. I ran across a document last week that listed the casualties on FSB Granite as 10 killed and 41 wounded and on FSB Henderson 48 killed (includes 16 ARVN soldiers from 54th Regiment) and 67 wounded (not sure if this number includes ARVN wounded too). For me the significance of these numbers is that I certainly had no exact count of our wounded in either fight. Many who were lightly wounded (including me) just lined up at the Aid Station to get the shrapnel removed and went back into the fight.

Ed Mitchell
Brigadier General, USA, Ret.




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The following charts track Alpha Company members lost under the command of Captain Ed Mitchell who was the Commanding Officer of Alpha Company during these events.


DA2496, DD1300 charts
Miscellaneous image files


The following is a list of Alpha Company KIA's Ed Mitchell felt accountable for as "the ground combat commander". He carries a card to this day with these names. See more about FSB Henderson here. See more about FSB Granite here.
KIAs Before Moving North to Join the Third Brigade:
ZARAGOZA, Victor- 20 Feb killed a few hours before I took command... awarded the SGA in 2000
GOOSEN, Robert H.-13 Mar  
KOHL, Daniel K.-31 Mar    

Ed Mitchell recounts "Several companies have claimed credit for naming the hill but my CP guys named it, made the sign and secured it to the tree. In this photo is 1LT Russ Cook, the A Company Artillery Forward Observer from Louisiana. Within a few days of this photo he was replaced after threatening his higher FA headquarters for not getting us adequate fire support. HE WAS A GREAT COMBAT ARTILLERY OFFICER! Over the top of the REUP Hill sign is another sign that reads, "Gone to Eagle Beach"...will return...A/2/501."

KIAs South of Hill 902 and on "REUP Hill (Hill 902)"
VAGNONE, Michael J.-18 Apr    
DANGBERG, Robert L.-18 Apr    
FREY, Dean L.-19 Apr Ed is already in touch with this family
WORLEY, Gary L.-23 Apr    

Guy Rudawski's account

Ed Mitchell recalls:

Elements of the NVA's 7th Sapper Battalion and 29th Infantry Regiment attacked Fire Support Base Granite and A Company's perimeter around the hilltop. The NVA were soundly defeated but we will forever remember those we lost: ROBERT S. BOGGS (B Company); LARRY N. JONES (E Company); DENNIS W. HUNTER (A Company); CARL E. PATTEN (E Company); ROY H. SNYDER (A Company); FREDERICK E. WORTMANN (A Company); ROBERT J. SHANNON (A Company); LINWOOD A. WALKER (C Company); and EDWARD J. BISHOP, JR (A Company, MIA-declared "died while missing, remains not returned". May these courageous "brothers rest in peace.

KIAs in Attack on FSB Granite-7 KIAs, 1 MIA
HUNTER, Dennis W.-29 Apr    
KELLEY, Richard Robert - 29 Apr        
PATTEN, Carl Eugene - 29 Apr        
SNYDER, Roy H.-29 Apr    
STIEVE, William J.-29 Apr    
SHANNON, Robert J.-29 Apr    
WORTMANN, Frederick E-29 Apr    
BISHOP, Edward J.-29 Apr MIA/KIA-Remains Not Recovered  

KIAs in Attack on FSB Henderson KIAs: A Company(8)
ANTLE, Michael Louis - 6 May      
KIER, Larry G.-6 May    
BENNETT, George W.-6 May    
GORDON, Lawrence L.-6 May    
HINDMAN, Tommy I.-6 May        
LEWIS, Frank F-6 May    
WILLEY, John J.-6 May      
ZIEGENFELDER, Frederick-6 May    

Killed in Grenade Accident:
CARTER, Roy-20 May      
WARD, Tony-20 May      

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DA2496, DD1300 charts
Miscellaneous image files

The following is a list of other 2/501 Company KIA's that Ed Mitchell felt accountable for as "the ground combat commander". These names are also on the card that Ed carries to this day. The only names I investigated are those who were thought to be members of Alpha Company in err.

KIAs in Attack on FSB Granite-(B Company-1; E Company-3)
BOGGS, Robert S.-B Co. 29 Apr  
WORTMANN, Frederick E Co 29 Apr          
JONES, Larry N.-E Co29 Apr Mortars        
PATTEN, Carl E.-E Co 29 Apr Mortars        
WALKER, Linwood A.-E Co 29 Apr Mortars        

KIAs in Attack on FSB Henderson - B Company (1); C Company(2); E Company(10); HHC/Sig(1); HHC/3Bde(1); B/2-11FA(3) HHQ Medics (2)-(Company Assignments and counts may vary in the Coffelt Database)
BOWMAN, Melvin-HHQ Company-6 May        
BROWN, Michael F.-B/2-11FA-6 May        
CHAVEZ, Gregory A.- E Company - 6 May    
DAY, Douglas W.-E Company - 6 May    
DENTON, Robert A.-B Company 6 May    
DILLER, Jay Thomas-HHQ Company-6 May        
DOOLITTLE, John H.-A/1-327 Inf-6 May        
FOUTZ, Kenneth L.-C Company-6 May        
GRANATH, John E.-B/2-11FA-6 May        
HAWLEY, Richard A.-E Company-6 May        
JENNINGS, James D.-HHC/Signal-6 May        
LONG, Ray L.-3Bde CSM-6 May        
OGDEN, David E.-E Company-6 May        
REAGAN, Dickey W.-E Company-6 May        
SNYDER, Gary F.-E Company - 6 May    
TERAN, Refugio T.-E Company6 May Recon
VAN BEUKERING, Ronald D. - E Company -6 May    
VESER, Edward-E Company-6 May        
WARFIELD, Phillip R.-C Company-6 May        
WIDEN, John George-6 May -E Company    
YELDELL, David-B/2-11FA-6 May        


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