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1970 Death on FB Tomahawk


Firebase Airborne was located 42 km WSW Hue, 5 km SE FSB Goodman, 3 km NW FSB Pepper.

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CAMP EAGLE - During the week of January 15-21 in MR1, Screaming Eagles accounted for caches of 2 recoiless rifle rounds; 275 mortar rounds and numerous fuses and small arms rounds found and destroyed or evacuated; 2 enemy warhead; 3 rocket propelled grenades and 3 122mm rockets. In addition 101st troopers were credited with 12 enemy soldiers killed in action and 117 bunkers destroyed.

January 15, B Co., 2nd Bn. (Ambl.), 501st Inf., found 14 boobytraps, 11 of which were made of 60mm mortar rounds.

January 16. the 1/501st scored again while on a recon patrol. This time they discovered and destroyed 17 enemy bunkers about 4 miles west of Hue.

The next day, the 3rd Bn. (Ambl.), 187th Inf., engaged 19 enemy soldiers. Artillery and ARA were called in and resulted in nine enemy soldiers killed in action. The 1/501st found 10 boobytraps and a bunker complex with sleeping positions and the 2/501st found two warheads and a 122mm rocket durring patrols.

January 18, A Co., 2/501st engaged an enemy force of unknown size about 20 miles south-southwest of Hue. ARA was called in and three NVA soldiers were killed.

Finally January 19, the 1st Bn. (Ambl.), 327th Inf., found a cache consisting of 2 122mm rockets, 3 rocket propelled grenades, 25 rifle grenades, 120 82mm mortar rounds, 157 60mm mortar rounds and 300 12.7mm machinegun rounds about 13 miles south-southwest of Hue.

The 2/502nd discovered 275mm recoiless rifle rounds, 4 60mm mortar rounds and 8 82mm mortar rounds, about 13 miles southwest of Hue. Near the cache site the "Strike Force" troopers found 75 to 100 fighting positions.

Screaming Eagle, Feb 70


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